Our Books & Journals

My Journey in Uniform

One Who Served My Journey in Uniform. It is a journal, not intended for everyday use but to record those snapshots of time that matter the most. Your initial training, schools, deployments, friends made and friends lost. A place for special messages from your family. It is a book that you take with you downrange. And when and if you have the luxury of rest, of letting your guard down, for a few blessed moments, it is a book you can pull from your rucksack or locker and record thoughts of the here and now. It will become a history of your service and of the world and people around you.

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Our Memorial Book

A number of years ago, a couple of veterans recognized the need for a memorial volume written specifically for the families of veterans. A book to be presented as a gift and keepsake for the family when their veteran passed away. A book written to celebrate military service, recognize the family, define the grieving process and provide resources for assistance. It would explain to the family not so much what their loved one did as a member of the Armed Forces, but more importantly, why they did it. That volume is now a reality. It is entitled One Who Served, A Memorial Tribute To Your Veteran.

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