Our Brand

One Who Served is a new brand that represents a collection of exquisite gifts designed specifically for veterans of the US Armed Forces and their families. The Blue Star Banner, which is prominently featured with our logo, is a revered and honored symbol of service to our nation, and is displayed in the home of an active service member. It may contain one or more stars, representing the number of family members in uniform. Especially popular during World War II, the banner has been making resurgence as our current war continues. One Who Served focuses on a veteran’s military service at the time when the family would have displayed the banner, be it seventy years ago or just last month. On a personal note, we know what it is like to wait at home while a son or daughter goes to war. One of the co-authors of this volume is part of a blue star family. Finally, the publisher wants to increase the visibility of this symbol to the general public, so that more people know what it represents.