About Us

“The mission of One Who Served is to provide exceptional products that recognize the service and sacrifice of veterans, as well as current servicemembers, and their families, in order that we may live free.”

You are a veteran of the United States Armed Forces. You may have served in Europe or the South Pacific during World War Two or in the frozen wasteland that was Korea.

You may have served during the Cold War, or in the steamy jungles of Vietnam. Perhaps in Bosnia, Grenada, Panama, Somalia or other unnamed and “non-disclosed” areas.

Most recently you may have served, or are still serving, in the wind and sand blown furnace or bone-chilling mountains of Iraq, Afghanistan or elsewhere in the Middle East.

It is possible that you never set foot in a war zone, but still provided necessary and absolutely vital support to the effort.

Or, maybe you never wore a uniform… but love someone who has. You stood your post at home…anxious, sleepless and staring at the television in the early hours for any news of the war and today’s casualties.

Who are we at One Who Served? We are you. We are you because we too have worn the uniform and gone in harm’s way to defend our nation and the brother or sister beside us. “No Man Left Behind” is not a cocktail party cliché to us, but a way of life.

Who are we at One Who Served? We are the family back home, still living in that dark and lonely place that few know, as our children now go where we once went, all the while hoping and praying that the non-descript government car does not pull into our driveway with the dreaded news.

Who are we at One Who Served? Very simply just a handful of veterans and our staff who want to provide beautiful and meaningful products and keepsakes to veterans and their families.

When you give our memorial volume to a veteran’s family you recognize that very special contribution made by both veteran and family.
When you provide our journal to a son, daughter, husband or wife, you are telling them that “what you do is important, please record it for future generations”.

When you use our other products with our brand you tell the world, quietly without fanfare, that you are One Who Served.

And, most importantly, you remind them that there are those who continue to serve.